Safety Measures during COVID-19

As we have now re-opened and are back to our regular shopping hours, we wanted to alleviate any concerns you may have by providing you with this information on what we're doing to keep our customers safe.

  • Front door is left open (when shop is not at capacity) so that no one is required to touch the door handle.
  • Capacity has been set at 10 (including staff) to allow for larger groups to come in together.
  • Hand sanitizer is at the front for each customer to use before touching anything in store.
  • Frequently touched surfaces, such as counter top and payment machines are frequently wiped down with bleach wipes.
  • Plexiglass barrier has been installed on front counter
  • Staff will wear masks when coming in close contact with customers
  • Markers have been placed on the floor to remind customers to stay at least 6 feet away from other patrons.
  • All clothing that has been tried on but not purchased is left in the change room overnight. Clothing is not allowed to be tried on by more than one person in 24 hours unless there has been time to steam the clothes in between customers.
  • Private appointments can be booked directly online if you would prefer to have the shop to yourself during this time.
  • Reduce your time in the shop by purchasing items online and picking up in store.
  • Have any questions? Feel free to email them to [email protected]