Dr Denim

Echo Blue Jay 32"

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The perfect regular jean with sky high waist


Sky high waist

5 Pockets

100% Cotton

Note that these jeans are made from a 100% cotton denim which will always stretch out a little bit when you wear the jeans. This happens because the fabric absorbs a lot of pressure when you put them on and go about your day, so the jeans will feel a bit bigger after just one or a few days of wear. When you wash the jeans, they'll shrink back again, but they will also expand again when you wear them. This is perfectly normal behaviour for 100% cotton jeans. Depending on how tight-fitting you want them, you can size down and let them expand slightly into your perfect fit - that's a matter of personal taste.

The model is 175 cm and wears a size 27/32

Size: 26
Length: 32
Size: 26
Length: 32

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