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Wood dishes can help with learning simple actions such as filling up and emptying out (a sensory bin is perfect for this). A bowl can also be used to cover another bowl and, in that way, its content can be hidden or made to disappear! Have fun with it. They can also stack up high — but you have to balance them just right in order to do so. And of course — imaginary and free play are encouraged.

Play with the bowls in a play kitchen, with dollies — your little one will show you!! Pair them with other toys in our hand dyed rainbow line up to practice color sorting; or find items around the house that match the dishes — the possibilities are endless.

Help your little one learn colors while practicing fine motor skills and sharpening color recognition. Your little one will love playing with these colored dishes. Stack up all the bowls all the way to the top! This is a waldorf learning toy that can also be used for practicing their counting skills. Count the bowls!!! This set pairs beautifully with other toys in our lineup. It’s also the perfect sensory bin activity.

This set is good for colour sorting, shape identification, pincer grasp, counting, stacking, hand-eye coordination — the list goes on. Plus it is great for imaginary play. My daughter likes sorting the colours, and playing with them with her play food. She plays with them in her “kitchen”. Open ended play is also encouraged — use the bowls to pretend play in the kitchen — measuring out spices & ingredients and stirring the shapes in a bowl.

The bowls are pleasing to touch; as well as look beautiful on a shelf. These bowls and plates are hand stained with food safe colour. It is truly non toxic for your little ones. You can still see the wood grain. Each piece of wood absorbs the stain in its own way making it truly unique and beautiful. They are sealed with a water based clear coat but colour transfer may eventually occur due to it being a watercolour dye.

Each Set comes with:

- 10 bowls stained in food safe rainbow colours

- One Drawstring carrying bag.

(colours may vary slightly from those in photos due to it being done in different batches)

Once the toys have left our hands, the purchaser accepts full responsibility & liability for all AW & Co. toys.

Please check regularly for wear & tear and/or damages. Please do not leave your child unattended while playing with wood toys. Thank you for your support!

Pickup available at 665 Columbia Street

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